IVUS Intravascular Ultrasound

IVUS intravascular ultrasound probe is custom developed. . .

Intra Vascular UltraSound (IVUS) uses a miniaturized ultrasound probe installed at the top of a cardiac catheter to display real-time cross-sectional images of blood vessels. It can clearly display the thickness of the vessel wall structure, the size and shape of the lumen, and accurately measure the diameter and cross-sectional area of the blood vessel. It can even identify early vascular lesions that cannot be shown by coronary angiography, such as calcification, fibrosis, and lipid pools.

IVUS can play an important role in assisting decision making during percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) surgery, including preoperative assessment and postoperative optimization.


  • Before PCI, IVUS is mainly used to evaluate plaque characteristics and develop appropriate pretreatment strategies, measure lesion length and reference vessel diameter, and choose the appropriate stent diameter, length and landing point.
  • After PCI, IVUS is mainly used to clarify the expansion and wall adherence of the stent, as well as complications such as stent edge dissection, in order to achieve the best immediate postoperative results.

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