Intelligent detection system.

Intelligent detection system, system integration, status monitoring, data collection, system customization. . .

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Experts and technicians at Eintik provide mature testing solutions for various industries, including water-cooled plate testing (friction stir welding, brazing), HDPE pipe testing, honeycomb material bonding testing, composite material testing, wind turbine blade testing, extruded plate testing, bolt testing, railway wheel and axle testing, pressure vessel testing, and shipbuilding testing, based on years of technical innovation and testing industry experience.


Combined with the powerful functions of the Phaselink phased array integrated system, testing efficiency, speed, and accuracy can be greatly improved. Our system can be modified according to customers’ specific needs to meet complex inspection requirements.


Eintiks experienced technical development department allows us to be highly agile and flexible when accepting any non-destructive testing technology challenge.