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Endoscopic Ultrasound Probes (1 to 4 Array Elements) 7.5-60MHz

“Endoscopy” and “ultrasound” are common examination methods. “Endoscopic” examination is a “direct-view” optical examination, which uses a miniature camera to present the image of the lumen of the digestive tract to the examiner in real time; while “ultrasound” examination is a “perspective” acoustic examination, which mainly uses The different echo characteristics of human tissue are used to judge the tissue characteristics. Endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS) is a technology that perfectly combines endoscopy and ultrasound, and is called the “third eye” of endoscopists. Endoscopic ultrasound combines the advantages of “endoscopy” and “ultrasound”, which is equivalent to giving endoscopists the ability to “see through” on the basis of “direct vision”. Real-time scanning with endoscopic ultrasound can obtain the histological characteristics of the hierarchical structure of the digestive tract and ultrasound images of surrounding adjacent organs for examination.


Miniprobe endoscopic ultrasonography (mEUS) is sent into the digestive tract through the endoscopic biopsy pore. While the intraluminal lesions are directly observed through the endoscope, real-time ultrasound scanning can also be performed to clearly display the hierarchical structure and parts of the digestive tract wall. Adjacent to the organs, the nature of the lesion can be determined by observing the origin level and echo changes of the lesion, and an individualized diagnosis and treatment plan can be effectively selected based on the growth pattern and size of the lesion.


We can provide 12MHz, 20MHz, and 50MHz micro endoscopic ultrasound probes. Compared with the large ultrasound with a frequency of 7.5M, the small ultrasound has a higher resolution and can pass through a narrow lumen during the detection process. We can also customize array ultrasound endoscopic probes according to needs to make endoscopic detection results more accurate and faster.

Endoscopic ultrasound indications:


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