The new high-efficiency PHASELINK ultrasonic phased array integrated system makes inspection work even more powerful. . .

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Eintik PHASELINK phased array integrated advanced ultrasound system


The PHASELINK product series has powerful ultrasonic phased array technology performance and operation processing speed. It can ensure real-time and rapid detection when using FMC and TFM. It is equipped with professional system data acquisition and analysis software for general and customized ultrasonic phased array detection. The system provides flexible expansion solutions.

PHASELINK system supports multiple host integration

PHASELINK host systems are connected through network cables and can be infinitely expanded to meet complex large-scale automated inspection system integration requirements, from 64:128 configuration to unlimited. The integrated use of PHASELINK multi-host system can greatly increase the inspection speed. Equipped with: Unlimited number of probes, unlimited number of group settings and over 13k+ aggregation rules.

  • Data transfer rates up to 2 GB/s
  • Support 6-axis position information input
  • IP65 waterproof and dustproof, rugged and optimized for heat dissipation.
  • The communication process greatly reduces programming time and minimizes detection cycle time.


Advanced phased array mode

Based on the 3D ultrasound simulation computer system (PHASECAL) with independent intellectual property rights, the application can be efficiently realized:

  • Support 3D CAD import configuration
  • 3D real-time imaging: The location and size of defects are intuitively displayed in the 3D workpiece.
  • One-receiver and one-receiver function: capable of effectively detecting welds of high-attenuation materials such as stainless steel.
  • Supports multiple groups of simultaneous detection: more suitable for complex detection scenarios.
  • Can be used with probes: one-dimensional linear array, dual element linear array DLA, dual element matrix DMA, daisy array, ring array, flexible probe, and customized non-standard probe.


Integrated design of probe and instrument

In the early stages of instrument design and development, we combined our own complete probe R&D and manufacturing capabilities to comprehensively improve the consistency and comprehensive performance of the PHASEYE FMC series phased array products. Aintik can provide you with professional industrial ultrasonic application development, from professional software to special probes, from encoders to scanning frames, we provide integrated solutions!


Brand new architecture makes performance more outstanding

300Gb DDR bandwidth makes real-time full aggregation (TFM) operation smoother and smoother


The ultra-high dynamic range of the 100MSPS/16bit ADC makes details clearer


Proprietary circuit design greatly reduces transmission and reception losses and achieves ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio


Built-in new focusing law calculator with independent intellectual property rights to achieve 3D simulated sound field distribution


The emission voltage of up to 200V enables perfect detection of precision micro workpieces and large workpieces.


Synchronized 64/128 hardware channels to meet various complex application requirements such as special area arrays and double-area arrays


FMC data collection speed can reach 2GB/S, making data collection more efficient and detection more comprehensive.


Multiple machines can be used in parallel to realize large-scale system function applications.


Full matrix acquisition (FMC) – up to 128 array elements, acquisition speed up to 2GB/S

Total Focus Technology (TFM) – Real Time, high efficiency and high resolution

Built-in Focus Law Calculator (FLC)-3D simulation technology predicts sound field distribution

A variety of hardware configurations to meet different detection needs-32: 64PR 32:128PR 64:128PR, etc.

Eintik full matrix acquisition phased array flaw detector 64/128PRPHASELINK system supports multiple host integration

PHASELINK host systems are connected through network cables and can be infinitely expanded to realize complex and large-scale automated inspections.

Check system integration requirements, configure from 64: 128 to infinity. PHASELINK multi-host system integration enables

It can greatly improve the inspection speed. Available with: Unlimited number of probes, unlimited number of group settings and more

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