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Introducing the PHASEYE FMC-64, a pinnacle of innovation in the phased array flaw detection realm. This device stands as a testament to cutting-edge engineering, marrying form and function in a compact, robust design. Ideal for discerning partners seeking reliability and precision, the PHASEYE FMC-64 embodies the future of flaw detection technology.


Key Features:

  • Full Matrix Capture Technology: Employs 64/128PR for comprehensive flaw detection.
  • Advanced Features:
    • Full Matrix Capture (FMC) – up to 64 elements capture at 2GB/S
    • Built-in Focal Law Calculator (FLC) – 3D simulation technology predicts sound field distribution
    • Available as 32:64 PR, 32:128PR, 64:128PR
  • User-Friendly Interface: Ensures ease of use in demanding field conditions.
PCI TFM 4 Groups Samples
PHASELINK for Automations
PHASEYE S - More Portable
Wind Turbine Flaws
NextSPOT 600 Plus
NextSOFT Spot Weld Samples
Sample Inspection Test Plan

Core Advantages:


  • Fast Accurate Flaw Detection: Specifically designed for detecting spot weld flaws in automotive applications.
  • Robust, Light Weight, & Portable
  • Real-Time Visualization
  • Ease of Use
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Our new 5,000 sqm probe factory stands at the forefront of innovation, equipped to manufacture both industrial and medical probes. This expansion not only elevates our in-house capabilities but also ensures we meet the diverse NDT needs of all our customers, providing solutions that are as unique as their challenges.

5,000 sqm State-of-the-Art Probe Factory
PAUT Probes, Scanners, Wedges
Standard UT Probess

Our latest probe factory video

Turnkey Automation Systems
FSW Automation Systems
PHASELINK Automation Solutions

Full Turnkey Automated Robotic NDE Solutions

The automated NDE inspection system represents a leap forward in the realm of flaw detection, offering a comprehensive, turnkey solution powered by advanced robotics and PAUT technology. Designed to meet the intricate demands of diverse industries, this system excels in delivering precise, reliable inspections across a wide range of applications. 


Key Applications:


  • Wind Turbine Inspections: Ensures the structural integrity of wind turbines, crucial for renewable energy generation.
  • Friction Stir Welds (FSW): Offers detailed inspection of high-quality welds in challenging materials.
  • HDPE Pipe Welds: Specializes in the examination of high-density polyethylene pipe welds, essential for utilities and infrastructure.
  • Bolt Inspection: Provides critical assessments of bolt integrity in various structures.
  • Composite Materials: Evaluates the composition and bonding of advanced composite materials.
  • Honeycomb Bondings: Inspects the unique structures of honeycomb bondings in aerospace and beyond.
  • EV Batteries: Ensures the reliability and safety of electric vehicle batteries through meticulous inspection.
  • Turnkey Solution: Delivers a comprehensive, ready-to-deploy system for diverse NDT needs.

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